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More than 85% of the internet uses flash technology!
Extend the capabilities of your SmartTV and get rid of inconvenient restrictions!

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Prepare a memory stick

Format it to FAT32 file system

Copy the resources

Extract files from the archive on the USB stick

Install and enjoy!

Connect the USB stick to the TV and run the software update

Features available with SmartFlash!

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Built on the latest IT solutions

Smart Flash – Smart TV flash player – is built from the ground up based on our original solutions to provide you with the stability of operation in Flash technology

Ease of installation and usage

Our Adobe Flash Player for Samsung Smart Tv is equipped with an automatic update feature that will provide you with uninterrupted use of flash technology on your Smart TV

Compatible with all Samsung Smart TV's

We made sure that all Samsung Smart TV users could use our software

Automatically integrates into system browser

Smart Flash does not change the existing user settings, keeps your browsing history but extends the browser with support for Flash Smart Tv technology


David Carlson - Lead Developer

David is a dynamic IT executive with a demonstrated track record of leveraging technology to deliver new capabilities, measurable service level improvements and cost savings. He has a strong combination of business and technical leadership, with a broad business background, including MBA and BS degrees.


James Dower - Software Engineer

Experienced software architect and development manager, specialized in large distributed data-intensive computing. Member of the founding team at Yahoo! for Apache Hadoop. Deeply knowledgeable about the Hadoop ecosystem, and application frameworks for data analytics and machine learning. In past he was working on developing OSX simulation systems.

The word about our work

Our highly skilled talented and passionate team is dedicated to provide you with the best application services like Smart Flash – Smart TV Flash Player. Our developers are committed to developing the most well crafted apps possible. But our goal is not only to create a software that will be appealing but to create an application that will bring you best results and performance. We are trying to  Our designers are among the best in the field and you can be assured that you will get a top quality product both in look and functionality! We try to meet the demand for all sorts of software.


Our goal is to exceed your expectations!



Our software was created by a group of enthusiasts
who want to share it for free!

Despite this, we need funds for development.
In return for the use of our software, please take part in free advertising.


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